Heavy Duty Hydraulic Squat Jack- 20 Tonne


This premium heavy duty squat jack is ideal for lifting heavy loads where ground clearance is a problem. Steel construction provides added strength and safety while the wide base provides for greater stability on hard flat surfaces, and for added longevity the jack has a durable baked enamel coating. This self contained, lever operated jack is simple to use and is the answer to many general purpose lifting & pushing applications


For Truck, Trailer, Caravan, SUV & 4WD applications


  • All jacks have been designed for ease of use and handling
  • Operating handle included
  • Horizontal or Vertical operation
  • Durable baked enamel finish
  • Large sturdy base
  • Heavy duty steel construction


SAFE WORKING LOAD:               20000kg

MINIMUM HEIGHT:                        191mm


LIFTING HEIGHT​:                          113mm

MAXIMUM HEIGHT:                       376mm

NETT WEIGHT​:                              11.3kg

COMPLIES TO:                              AS/NZS 2693:1993


  • Bleed jack before use.
  • Store jack in a upright position.
  • Use only high grade mineral hydraulic jack oil. ISO grade 10 to 15.
  • The load should be centrally located on the head cap.
  • No person should remain in a vehicle that is being lifted.
  • WARNING: Do not get under vehicle that is supported only by a jack. Use vehicle support stands.


Lubricate all pivoting and moving points.
Occassionally during shipment and/or handling, air can become trapped in the hydraulic system. This can interfere with the jacks lifting performance. To alleviate this problem:

  1. Ensure the jack is in lowered position. Open the release valve.
  2. Rapidly pump the jack several times.
  3. The jack will now be ready for use.
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