• Silicone vanadium chrome magnesium alloy steel (S3)
  • Magnetic tip for greater fastener control
  • 50% more turning power versus conventional screwdriver handle
  • Anti-slip rubber grip dovetails in your hand
  • Colour coded handle for easier functional identification

The Kincrome screwdriver set features new S3 SVCM alloy steel. The new design TorqueMaster® screwdriver incorporates a hexagonal shaft for those occasions when extra torque is required. The S3 shaft has been specifically engineered to support a wrench for added leverage. This screwdriver uses the highest quality components, including the popular TorqueMaster® handle. This unique screwdriver dovetails with the hand and its pressure areas to transmit maximum torque.

8 Screwdrivers – Blade:
3mm x 75mm, 4mm x 100mm, 5mm x 100mm, 5mm x 150mm, 6mm x 100mm, 8mm x 150mm, 6mm x 38mm, 9.5mm x 250mm

5 Screwdrivers – Phillips:
No.0 x 75mm, No.1 x 75mm, No.2 x 100mm, No.2 x 38mm, No.3 x 150mm

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