Toilet/Shower Hire

Get  Modern  and  clean  toilets  for  your  next  event !

Looking for Portable Toilets for a Party, Wedding, Event or another Occasion? You can rely on Mildura Hire to provide the best in quality, reliability, service and convenience.

Our hire department can provide you with long & short term hire on single toilet, double toilet, quad toilet, disabled toilet and shower/toilet, which all are fitted with a highly effective draining system keeping facilities smelling fresh and clean.

Catering for an event? Contact our team and we can customise a hire facility package to suit your requirements.

* All prices including GST
* Extra $50 servicing fee not included
* No work sites
* No long distance dirt road travel
* 6x Doubles, 4x Singles, 1x Quad, 2x Shower/Toilet units available
  • +$50 delivery fee within 20km radius
  • Cleaning and draining
  • 2x toilet rolls
  • LED lights (+$5.00)
  • $50/day surcharge over contract
  • Long-term Hire available on negotiation


other items for hire

* All costs include GST
* Minimum two days hire 
* +$50 delivery fee within 20km radius
  • Insurance options available on application
  • Full Terms & Conditions listed on contracts


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